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Norwood was established in the 1960’s by the Eason family who pioneered the introduction of coloured UV printed plant tags. The company has developed numerous patented tag display methods that are used to assist in the marketing of plants around the world.

Our expertise in commercial printing methods such as UV print has extended to the production of other long-life products such as shelf strips, shelf wobblers, floor decals, banners, point of sale, packaging and large format custom signage. Add to this our expertise in branding, marketing, merchandising and advertising and we have a host of products and services at your disposal.

This is all made possible through the continued development and investment in highly skilled staff and sophisticated manufacturing equipment and processes that are housed within our custom built premises. Our facility contains restricted access and video surveillance throughout with an enviable level of security that meets the high demands of confidentiality required by our key customers and Australian Government Agencies.

True partnerships with our customers have been our real success. As our customers grow, so do we. We listen, we innovate, we look for improvements and we are constantly curious. Our willingness to evolve is matched by our precision in production. We emphasise process, checking and double-checking, authorisations, meticulous and measured, sustained and scalable.

We work closely and in conjunction with the below companies to implement Norwood’s sustainable practices

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Our Customers

Southern Advanced Plants

We have been working with Norwood for as long as our business has been around, for 30 years. We probably grow upwards of 800 products and Norwood provides 90% of our labels.

Norwood has always treated us well, provided a good service, a quality product at a fair price.

Mark and Pilar Jackson

Zoom Garden

The benefit for us in having a business like Norwood that has its history in the horticulture industry is that they understand us as a customer well.

They understand the nuances of the industry and they do have a full service.

Alistair Pritchard

Raw 5

Norwood is an integral part of my business, a huge part. They are really fantastic, they never let me down. And always get the job done on time.

I couldn’t run my business without Norwood. And I know there is no other printer that can match what they deliver. I just can’t thank them enough to be honest. It’s been fantastic.

Chris Clarke



Graphic Design

Industrial Design

Storage & Fulfillment

Packaging Design (CAD)

Web Design

Online Services

Create a Label

Take the control of your tags into your own hands with ETAG®, our online system for tag creation and management.

Photo Library

Keen to share your passion for plants? Our EPHOTO® library is a veritable garden of royalty-free horticultural photography available for license and waiting for your contribution.

Online Proofing

An online label viewing and proofing system that allows all your artwork to be easily marked-up, actioned and approved.

Order Labels

Online label viewing and ordering system with all your label images and stock quantities.

Manage Royalties

Our patented online royalty collection system displays the details of any royalties charged and collected for you for any given period.

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