Custom Hangsells

Hangsells are a proven retail merchandising tool designed to showcase products in a compelling way, breaking through the clutter of standard shelf displays. Norwood’s hangsells make your products more noticeable, attracting customer attention and encouraging impulse purchases. Whether it’s supermarkets, department stores, or other retail environments, our hangsells can be utilised effectively across a wide array of commercial settings, including:

  • Supermarkets: shift your products away from typical shelf congestion, directly leading customers to your brand and enhancing product visibility.
  • Department stores: use hangsells to spotlight exclusive offers and new arrivals, enticing customers to explore various sections of the store.
  • Shopping centres: hangsells are a great tool to boost your brand visibility and draw attention to specific retail outlets.
  • Fitness centres: highlight workout gear or health products and strengthen branding.

Manufactured in durable clear or white plastic, together with our expertise in UV printing technology, our hangsell displays are designed to ensure a long-lasting, fade-resistant display.

We design, print, and manufacture custom hangsell displays for businesses across Australia, From the initial design concept to the manufacturing and shipment of your hangsell displays, we’ve got you covered.

Our hangsells are tailored to meet your unique branding requirements and can be produced in a range of shapes and sizes. Maintenance is a breeze – a simple wipe with a wet cloth will keep your hangsell displays looking professional, sharp and vibrant.

  • Custom display solutions designed to elevate your products above regular shelf clutter, providing optimal product visibility
  • Stand-out presentation provides products with a competitive edge in the retail environment
  • Premium quality materials, print and manufacturing process ensures a crystal clear, long-lasting finish that promises sustained product appeal and durability.