Storage / Fulfilment

A major benefit for using Norwood, as your print production service, is that all our customers print work is contained in-house. Norwood’s 50 years of commercial printing expertise as a trade printer signifies our ability to overcome unforeseen issues. Furthermore, with an in-house Design Team, Norwood has the ability to produce our customer’s ideas from the ground up! With Norwood’s vast head office and production facilities in Hallam Victoria, Norwood has the ability to print customer jobs and store them for split distribution. This saves our customers time and money. Our Hallam facility includes the following:

  • An extensive area of over 5,500 square metres of clean storage. It is available for both pallet and shelving options. Contract assembly and sourcing is also available.
  • As an example: dispatch functions include the daily packing and distribution from over 10,000 SKU’s to thousands of customers located throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa and Canada.
  • We use DIFOT (Delivery in Full, On Time) and Quality reports to measure performance against KPI’s. We currently run at greater than 95% DIFOT. Our Quality performance reports for 2012-2013 ran at 99.3%.