The focus our commercial department’s new marketing launch in 2014 was all about innovation.

As the demand for specialty printing grows, so does Norwood Industries’ graphic design and industrial departments. Our customers are often surprised by range of substrates that can be printed on and with. When they see the end result they’re stunned. And we have to admit, we do take some form of twisted pleasure from that moment.

To capitalise on it we came up with the idea of creating a photographic series using our own printed materials. We wanted to show our customers that printing isn’t just a one-dimensional experience. Printing can literally be brought to life.

The team worked for weeks to develop the sets built entirely at Norwood. Made up of backdrops, floor drops and props, they’re printed on a range of substrates from acrylic, plastic, cardboard, wood and even metal. We went for a stylised high-end fashion aesthetic, akin to renowned photographer David Lachapelle. It gives it that hyper-real quality that makes it jump off the screen.

Even we’re amazed by how much our designers can achieve with print. Browse through the photographs to see the results.