Every year we gift our top customers with a bottle of Top Dog – a vintage made just for them, a bit like our specialty printing jobs. Of course, we like to do something special for the packaging. It is our thing, after all.

Top Dog 2014 is the story of two brothers Andrew and Stuart Eason (owners of Norwood) united by wine; divided by golf.

As a young boy, Andrew was forced to endure endless golf stories from their parents. The result? Andrew’s unparalleled dislike for golf. This inspired Stuart, who shared his parents love for the game, to recount his weekend golf successes each Monday morning at work with Andrew, regaling stories of balls hit 300 meters with his Big Dog (driver).

And so the Top Dog 2014 label was born. The artful depiction of a bored and humiliated Big Dog carrying the Little Dog’s clubs, along with line “Top Dog with his big dog”, is a clear statement (in Stuart’s opinion) of who the Top Dog really is. Stuart considered his lovely play on words a highlight of the Top Dog label series.

The concept for the photoshoot was inspired by the portrayal of a 1960’s golfer. It was shot on location at Flinders golf course just outside of Melbourne. The model, Lachlan, is a family friend of our illustrious industrial designer Hamish who was in charge of designing the pack (And actually assembling a few of them). Lachlan not only not bought his own clothes and clubs but also his dog who is aptly named Lord McTavish. We may have another contender for Top dog!

Golfers loved our packs and as a result we were asked to make some custom branded packs for the promotion of products within the golf industry as well as others.