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Norwood use absolutely state of the art digital design systems to achieve precise results for your product and packaging. Our Computer Aided Design (CAD) software will help to bring your ideas to life. It turns concepts into vision and will help you see what your final product will look like. Computer aided design software can help to render both 2D and 3D models. This helps to ensure that the final product is created without error and that any design flaws are noticed and addressed as early in the process as possible. We use both ARTIOS and CAD and these feed into the Kongsberg machine to create your sample. Read below to find out more information about our computer aided design systems



CAD models are a very helpful tool when it comes to the manufacture of your product. Norwood can produce a quick and accurate technical drawing, with the help of CAD. Durability testing can be performed with a simulator that is built into the software it can show weak points and help with your decision in the use of materials. When it comes time to produce your product a CAD file can be sent straight to the manufacture this saves a lot of time and is a way to ensure quality control. f you can think of it, Artios can make it happen. The Artios CAD program has been implemented specifically for packaging solutions, whether it’s a simple square or a highly complex shape constructed with folding and curvatures.

Artios CAD makes possible:

• 2D packaging mock-ups that can be created quickly and efficiently

• Creation of packaging using a 3D render of your product, even while integrating complex design elements

• Design previews that can be sent as high resolution files, meaning any fine tuning can be undertaken before production

• Graphic design work (Adobe files) that can be wrapped around a 3D packaging model to be used in pre-production presentations

• 2D to 3D animations of the folding process

• Laser die cut samples trimmed to the millimetre to minimise wastage and save you money, thanks to our Kongsberg sampling machine



Since our acquisition of the Kongsberg Sampling machine our cut and fold technology has reached unbeatable precision. With in-built Artios CAD integration, the Kongsberg is able to cut and crease even complex sample designs in a matter of minutes, leaving no room for human error and the least possible margin for off cut waste.

Kongsberg sampling allows for:

• Mock ups to be made without the need for an expensive cutting forme

• Artios CAD-created packaging designs to be uploaded and cut to the millimetre

• An extensive range of materials to be cut including paper, board and an extensive selection of our plastic substrates

• All materials to be perfectly cut, creased and plotted on both sides

• Kongsberg Sampling machine, has an extremely sharp cutting head, while remaining completely safe for human operation. The DynaGuard safety system is comprised of highly reactive sensors, which will shut down the entire machine if accidentally tripped