Like all of our strategic partners, we have a long standing relationship with Enamoured Iris, who headed the production of an entire rebranding campaign, working towards a vision that would embody Norwood’s shifting business model whilst remaining faithful to the company’s core ideals.

This involved a move towards more innovative forms of printing for corporate and commercial clients. Requiring a playfulness that re-affirmed Norwood as a major relevant player in the changing Australian print market, this campaign well and truly hit the mark.

Infusing satire with familiar filmic references, the advertisement pays homage to Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ to drive home the Human versus Machine conflict that is at the root of every workplace printer-confrontation. Stressing the disconnect between the protagonist and the source of his “quest”, the tagline “Print without Drama” emphasised Norwood’s goal to be one of Australia’s leading print and print service companies.